Matasek Idioms8

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przymykać na coś oko
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turn a blind eye to sth
koloryzować coś, ubarwiać coś
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give color to sth
podzielić się wydatkami po równo
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go Dutch
to annoy someone by preventing them from doing sth
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get in sb's hair
I can do the housework much more quickly when the children aren't getting in my hair all the time.
wyjawić sekret
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spill the beans
dojść do porozumienia (krakowskim targiem)
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split the difference
the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words
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a gift of/for gab
To be a successful sales executive you need a gift of gab.
cieszyć się czyjąś złą opinią
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be in sb's bad books
make sth seem more difficult than it really is
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make heavy weather of sth/of doing sth

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