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zdradzić komuś tajemnicę
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let the cat out of the bag
nie znaleźć rozwiązania
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draw a blank
wpaść w szał
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hit the roof
zrobić falstart, zbytnio się z czymś pospieszyć
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jump the gun
nosić drewno do lasu
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carry(Br)/take(Am) coals to Newcastle
rozpocząć nowy rozdział (w życiu)
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turn over a new leaf
be dismissed from one's employment
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get the chop
to stop doing something that is already failing in order to reduce the amount of time or money that is being wasted on it
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cut one's losses
enrich oneself by taking advantage of one's position
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feather one's nest
The congressmen feathered his nest through his connection with big business
to close business at the end of the day or permanently
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put up the shutters

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