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próbować dokonać rzeczy niemożliwej
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square the circle
To get both sides to agree to anything at all meant we had to square the circle.
ask to prove what someone is claiming
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call one's bluff
John called Mary's bluff when she claimed she could prove the theorem in under an hour
dzielić włos na czworo (kłócić się o drobnostkę)
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split hairs
They don't have any serious differences. They are just splitting hairs. Don't waste time splitting hairs. Accept it the way it is.
zaproponować nowe pomysły
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break new ground
Dr. Anderson was breaking new ground in cancer research. They were breaking new ground in consumer electronics.
To do as another has done; follow an example
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follow suit
If other companies lower their prices, we shall have to follow suit.
żywić do kogoś urazę
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bear a grudge against sb
She bears a grudge against the judge who sentenced her. I have a grudge against my landlord for not fixing the leaky faucet.
łamać sobie głowę; myśleć bardzo intensywnie; główkować (wytężać umysł)
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rack one's brain
I racked my brains all afternoon, but couldn't remember where I put the book.
chwytać się brzytwy
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be clutching at straws
He's hoping that this new treatment will help him but I think he's clutching at straws.
zażegnać burzę, złagodzić konflikt próbować łagodzić trudną sytuację
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pour oil on troubled waters
She was furious with Dave for forgetting her birthday so I tried to pour oil on troubled waters by offering to take them both out for a meal.
pocić się krwią (pracować bardzo ciężko, aby coś osiągnąć)
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sweat blood
He says that writing does not come naturally to him and he sweats blood over every sentence. I sweat blood every week just to earn enough money to feed my family.

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