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a thick liquid detergent, added to hot water when washing pans, knives and forks, etc.
Líquido lavavajillas, Fairy
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Washing-up liquid
Unfortunately the machine is broken for now so we have to clean everything in the kitchen sink by hand with dishwashing liquid and a dish cloth.

the place next to a sink where plates, knives, forks, etc. are left to dry after they have been washed
Escurridor, escurreplatos
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Dish drainer

​ an electric machine used in the kitchen for breaking down foods or making smooth liquid substances from soft foods and liquids
licuadora, batidora
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The cook used the blender to make a vegetable purée.

a sheet of metal with low sides, used for baking food
Bandeja de horno
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baking tray
Place the beans on a baking tray and mix in with the meats.

a piece of clothing that you wear over the front of other clothes to keep the clothes clean while you are doing something dirty, such as cooking or cleaning
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I wear an apron to protect my clothes when I cook.

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