Joke - Cow

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A farmer wants to milk a cow in the barn.
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He puts his chair next to the cow and the bucket below it.
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as he starts
As he starts milking the cow, she kicks the bucket with her left leg.
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kiedy zaczyna
after a while
After a while, the farmer is angry and takes a rope to fix the cow’s leg to a pole.
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Po chwili
But before he can start
But before he can start milking again, the cow kicks the bucket with her right leg.
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Ale zanim będzie mógł rozpocząć
So the farmer fixes the right leg to another pole.
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The farmer wants to start milking again, but now the cow is hitting him with her tail.
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He decides to fix the tail to the roof.
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he steps on it
He puts the chair behind the cow and he steps on it.
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on wchodzi na to
But he has no rope, so he takes off his belt to fix the tail.
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to hold
So as he is holding the cow’s tail in one hand, his belt in the other, his pants drop down right before his wife enters.
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in a state of shock
She looks at him in a state of shock.
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w stanie szoku
hard to explain
He just says, “Sometimes things are hard to explain.”
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trudno wytłumaczyć

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