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start learning
to decide officially that a particular amount of money, time, etc. should be used for a particular purpose
the importance of allocating resources to local communities
start learning
the amount of money that an organisation has to spend on particular activity in a given period of time
start learning
a person or company that makes an agreement to do work or provide goods for another company
start learning
to limit sth or prevent it from increasing too much
The company strictly controls the quality of its products.
start learning
to make someone or something late
The flight was badly delayed because of fog.
start learning
to calculate what you think the value, size, amount, etc. of sth will probably be
start learning
an important and carefully planned piece of work that will create sth new or improvea situation
COLL. project finance, project management, project manager, pilot project
start learning
a plan of what is going to do and by when they are going to do it
start learning
a detailed description of how sth should be designed or made
They delivered parts that did not conform to contract specifications.
start learning
a person or a group of people who are considered to be an important part of an organisation because they have responsibility within it or receive advantages from it
Citizens should be stakeholders in the society they live in.
start learning
a person or company who is paid to do part of the work of another person or company
bump something ↔ up
start learning
to suddenly increase something by a large amount
Prices were bumped up by 10 percent last week.
start learning
when a company uses workers from outside the company to do a job
the outsourcing of the marketing to a specialist firm
start learning
a small fault in a machine or piece of equipment, that stops it working
start learning
to argue when you are trying to agree about the price of something
tourists haggling over the price of souvenirs
shut down
start learning
start learning
failure to take enough care over something that you are responsible for
negligence in carrying out safety procedures
take over
start learning
assume control/responsibiliy
take down
start learning
make sth failure
take place
start learning
take on
start learning

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