Idiomy moduł 1

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cały czas świata
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all the time in the world
No need to rush - we've got all the time in the world
kosztować fortunę
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to cost the earth
What a beautifull necklace! It must've cost the earth
szokujące wydarzenia
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earth-shattering events
Everyone is still horrified at the earth-shattering events that have taken place over the last few weeks
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get off the ground
we thought about opening a restaurant but unfortunatelu the idea newer raelly got off the ground
globalny zasięg
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go global
A small firm has went global and now can be found in shops throught the world
uziemić; dać szlaban
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ground somebody
My son was late home again, so I grounded him for a week
mocno stąpać po ziemi
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keep your feet on the ground
Becoming a milionaire at such young age might have changed him, but his family have helped him to keep his feet on the ground
pełnia szczęścia
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on the top of the world
It was a lovely day and I was feeling on the top of the world
nie z tego świata, boski
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out of this world
Tracy showed us her holiday photos last night, the hotel she stayed in was out of this world
podchwycić nowe słówka
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pick up new words
I picked up a few words of Greek while I was there on holiday
trzymać się diety
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stick to diet
I really want to lost some weight, so I'm determined to stick to this diet
nie widzieć świata poza kimś
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think the world of sbdy
I don't speat to my father now, but I always thought the world of him when I was little.
zachwycić się
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to wax about
She waxed entusiastic about her new job

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