fiszki wyrażanie prawdopodobieństwa i opinii

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szansa pół na pół
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fifty-fifty chance
There is a fifty-fifty chance that she will say yes when you propose to her.
życiowa szansa
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chance of a lifetime
The winners of Britain's Got Talent get the chance of lifetime to perform for the Queen.
to musiało się stać
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it was bound to happen
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
mieć szansę na coś
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stand a chance of doing something
Many graduates don't stand a chance of getting a job without some work experience.
być mało prawdopodobnym
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be highly unlikely
It is highly unlikely that tomorrow's match will end in a draw.
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most probably
The race will most probably be cancelled due to bad weather.
przez czysty przypadek
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purely by chance
Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin purely by chance.
znakomita okazja
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golden opportunity
It was a golden opportunity that I couldn't pass up.
znikome prawdopodobieństwo
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remote chance
The chances of him ever receiving an American visa are remote.
wszystko wskazuje na to, że
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there is every indication that
There is every indication that the man fell asleep while driving.
w miarę możliwości
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as far as possible
Pregnant women should try, as far as possible, to avoid stress.
istnieje duże prawdopodobieństwo, że
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there is a strong possibility that
There is a strong possibility that people will take to the streets to demand freedom.
umożliwiać coś komuś
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make it possible for somebody to do something
Digital photography has made it possible for amateur photographers to take professional quality photos.
być wykluczonym / nie wchodzić w grę
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be out of the question
I've got a lot of work to do and taking a day off is out of the question at the moment.
jest więcej niż prawdopodobne, że
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it is more than likely that
It is more than likely that the road will have to be closed to traffic.
niewielka szansa
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outside chance
There is still an outside chance that the company will survive and avoid bankruptcy.
popierać coś
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be in favour of
My father has always been in favour of strict gun control.
wyrazić opinię
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express an opinion
Hundreds of protesters gathered to express their opinions about freedom of speech on the Internet.
zająć się problemem
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address a problem
The newly elected government promised to address the burning issue of unemployment.
nie mieć nic przeciwko
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have nothing against
I have nothing against eating meat as long as it's organic.
odnosić wrażenie
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be under the impression
We were under the impression that the food we were served was just leftovers from the day before.
zmienić zdanie
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change one's mind
Mary wanted to get breast implants, but she changed her mind after watching a TV programme about it.
być tego samego zdania
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be of the same opinion
We read previous guests' reviews of the hotel and they were all of the same opinion.
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opinion poll
Recent opinion polls have shown a surge in support for the opposition party.
duże zastrzeżenia wobec czegoś
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strong reservations about something
Several MPs expressed strong reservations about the slow pace of the investigations.
z czyjegoś punktu widzenia
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from somebody's point of view
From my point of view, today's teenagers read less than previous generations.
powszechne przekonanie
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common belief
It is a common belief that spring is the best time to sell your house.
ogromne uogólnienie
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sweeping generalisation
It is a sweeping generalisation to say that teenagers show no respect towards older people.
za i przeciw
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pros and cons
Before you buy someone a puppy, consider all the pros and cons of your decision.
zgadzać się z kimś do pewnego stopnia
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agree with someone up to a point
I agree with you up to a point, but do you seriously think he will ever change?
mówić to, co się myśli
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speak one's mind
Jeremy always speaks his mind and expects the same in return.
zdecydowanie się nie zgadzać
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strongly disagree
I respect your opinion, but I strongly disagree with most of what you've said.
zagorzały zwolennik
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staunch supporter
He has always been a staunch supporter of the free market.
pozostać przy swoim zdaniu
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agree to differ
We'll just have to agree to differ on this point.
być otwartym na propozycje
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be open to suggestions
My boss is always open to his employees' suggestions and ideas.
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