fiszki porozumiewanie się

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prowadzić rozmowę
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hold a conversation
Holding a conversation on a cell phone while driving can be distracting.
jednogłośna decyzja
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unanimous decision
The jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision.
ogłaszać coś
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make an announcement
The President made a public announcement that he would not participate in the upcoming elections.
mówiąc bez ogródek, wprost
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put it bluntly
To put it bluntly, I don't believe a word of what you're saying.
rozsiewać plotki
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spread rumours
After the singer was found dead, a rumour spread that she had overdosed on medication.
wyciągać pochopne wnioski
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jump to conclusions
It's easy to jump to conclusions when you don't know all the facts.
brać pod uwagę, uwzględniać
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take something into account
When putting your house up for sale you will need to take into account the current market conditions.
złamać obietnicę
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break a promise
Politicians always seem to break their promises.
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slip of the tongue
Slips of the tongue happen to the best of speakers.
dać komuś słowo
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give somebody one's word
Julie gave me her word that she wouldn't tell anyone what she had seen.
wymijająca odpowiedź
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evasive response
Not sure what to say, the President gave an evasive response.
osiągnąć porozumienie
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reach agreement
European leaders found it difficult to reach agreement on how to help Greece repay its debt.
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tell a lie
You can tell if someone is telling a lie when they avoid looking you in the eye.
nie odbiegać od tematu
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stick to the point
When replying to the questions in the survey, be concise and stick to the point.
udzielać wywiadu
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give an interview
The director has given many interviews over the past few months promoting his latest movie.
nie owijać w bawełnę
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not mince one's words
American rapper and record producer Snoop Dogg, is known for not mincing his words.
wyznać prawdę
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tell the truth
When Jessica was sixteen, her adoptive parents told her the truth.
powiedzieć komuś komplement
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pay somebody a compliment
My husband rarely, if ever, pays me compliments.
komentować coś
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make a comment on
Someone made a nasty comment on one of the videos I'd posted on the Internet.
czytać między wierszami
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read between the lines
If you read between the lines, you will see what she means.
ściśle mówiąc
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strictly speaking
The television cartoon show South Park is not, strictly speaking, a show for children.
delikatnie mówiąc
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put it mildly
Many roads in the country are in poor condition, to put it mildly.
budować dobre stosunki
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build rapport
By building rapport with their students, teachers win their trust.
burzliwa wymiana zdań
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heated exchange
After a heated exchange, the two opposing groups of protesters were separated by the police cordon.
szczerze mówiąc
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frankly speaking
Frankly speaking, I doubt he will ever get married
stanowczo coś odrzucać
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flatly reject something
The opposition flatly rejects the idea of legalising soft drugs.
Nigdy nie wiesz co masz, póki tego nie stracisz.
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You never know what you've got till it's gone.

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