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let's go out
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what's the matter?
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¿Qué pasa?
I'm having a shower.
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Estoy teniendo una ducha.
it isn't raining any more
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ya no llueve
I haven't seen you for ages!
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¡No te he visto en mucho tiempo!
I'm staying with friends
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Me quedo con amigos
we're not in a hurry
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no tenemos prisa
it's getting late
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se está haciendo tarde
How often...?
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¿Con qué frecuencia...?
responsible for something/somebody
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responsable de algo / alguien
error habitual responsible to
the way of thinking
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la forma de pensar
error usar thought. to thought significa para pensar. thought significa pensamiento
on the internet
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En Internet
error decir "in the internet"
click on
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haga clic en
error poner "click in" significa "cliquea en"
depending on
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Dependiendo de
error decir "depending of"
to hear
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se usa cuando oímos algo que no queríamos oír o que oímos de forma casual. sino usar "listen to"
other person hears a conversation
I was mistaken. = I was wronged. = I mixed it up. * I was wrong.
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Estaba equivocado. = Fui agraviado. = Lo mezclé. * Estaba equivocado.
incentive to vote
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incentivo para votar
the expected benefit outweights the expected cost
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el beneficio esperado supera a el costo esperado
state(s) that
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Establece/afirma que

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