ESL Podcast 11 - Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep

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bajki na dobranoc
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bedtime story
Can you read me one more bedtime story before I have to go sleep?
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His morning ritual includes drinking a cup of coffee, eating a banana, and taking the dog for a walk.
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Yuki always uses two towels when she showers: one for her body, and one for her hair.
bardzo zmęczony, wyczerpany
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After working on the report for 14 hours, I was beat and I wanted to go to sleep.
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You should always close the bedroom curtains before you get undressed.
pojemnik na brudne ubrania
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Make sure you do the laundry when the hamper is full.
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My cotton pajamas are the most comfortable clothes that I own. I love sleeping in them.
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She often puts her slippers in front of the fireplace to warm them before she puts them on her feet.
odsłaniać np firankęcovers
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to pull back
When she heard the doorbell, she quietly pulled back the curtains to see who was at the front door.
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Our cat likes to sleep in our bed under the covers, but we don’t allow her to do that.
to make something larger and softer by hitting or brushing it
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to fluff
I can’t sleep on a hard pillow so I always fluff my pillows at night.
nad głową
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Overhead lights are good in living rooms and dining rooms, but in bedrooms I prefer a small table lamp so that I can read before falling asleep.
położyć coś w poziomej pozycji
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to lay down
I laid down the book I had been reading and turned out the lights.
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to fall asleep
Drinking a glass of warm milk often helps Jacomo fall asleep at night.
kiwać się
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to nod off

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