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Who is your Favourite relative and why?
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My favourite relative is My sister, because we always talk about a probleam.
What Career are you going to start in future?
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In the future i want start a career as a doctor
Have you Ever taker part in general elections?
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No, J did not take part in the general elections, because i was not eighteen years
do you often catch a cold
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I seldom catch a could, because i wear warm clithes
Have you ever needed a tutor?
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Yes, because i want pass a matura exam in chemistry
What do you usually wear when you want to look elegant?
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I usually wear suit
Do you mind watching commercials on TV?
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I Don't like Wathing commercials on TV, because they are stupid.
Whats is your dream Hollyday destination
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My dream Hollyday destination is Trip to Paris, Because i like Paris very much.
Wich do you find more exciting parachuting or scuba dicving?
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I think parachuting is more exciting, becaus you can feel the freedom.
Are you happy that you are in the EU? Why?
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Yes, I'm happy that we are in the EU, becaus is it a schengen packt
What is so special about your favourite season of the Year?
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My Favourite seson is summer. In summer is special a hollyday.
What does your bedroom look like?
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My bedroom lok Regular there is Bed in my room, There are two chairs and one destk next wardrobe.
What does your usual brekfast consis of?
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For breakfast I eat Sandwiches
Do you want fon bargains and sales or it doesn`t maeler to you?
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I wait for the discount, because I'm Thrifty

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