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blow (sth) up
The terrorist wanted to blow up the hotel.
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bring about sth
What you did can bring serious consequences about.
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doprowadzić do czegoś, powodować
bring sb up
Monica brings up her children alone.
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Call sth up
It was raining so they called off the match.
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Carry sth out
Doctor Jones is carrying out the operation.
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przeprowadzać, wykonwyać
cover sth up/hide the truth about
The White House wanted to cover up the scandal.
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zakryć coś / ukryć prawdę
figure sth out
I can't figure out the rules of this game.
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get sth across
They found it difficult to get across the message.
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przekazać, wytłumaczyć
give sth away
Jim will probably give away his old furniture.
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give sth away
My best friend gave away all my secrets.
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zdradzić (np. sekret)
give sth up (She gave up her job because she couldn't stand her boss)
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(porzuciła pracę, bo nie mogła znieść szefowi)
hand sth in
Ralph has just decided to hand his resignation in.
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Hold sth back (emotions) / The movie was so emotional that I was unable to hold
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powstrzymywać (emocje) / Film był tak emocjonalny, że nie mogłem go utrzymać
lay sb off
Our boss was forced to lay off some employees
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zwolnić z pracy
look sth up
Juan usually looks up new English words in a dictionary.
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mess sth up
Please don't mess up my plans!
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pay sth off
We are still paying off the loan.
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put sth aside
I put aside $10 for a new bike every month.
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odkładać pieniądze na jakiś cel
Put sth forward
Roger is going to put forward his plan during the meeting.
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Put sth off
They've put off the meeting until tomorrow.
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odkładać coś w czasie
Put sth together
I'm trying to put together my computer after I took it apart
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złożyć, zamontować
set sth up
In 1976 he set up his own company.
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zakładać np. biznes
sort sth out
It won't be easy to sort out all my problems.
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rozwiązać np. problem
take sth apart
Can you take apart this gadget?
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rozłożyć, rozebrać na części
take sth in
Is it difficult to take in all this information?
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pojąć, przyswajać
take sb on/hire sb
They are going to take on new staff.
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take sth up
I have decided to take up yoga
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zając się czymś, zainteresować się czymś
turn (sb/sth) down
John turned down our invitation.
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work sth out
I have not worked out the plan yet.
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obmyślać, opracowywać

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