Christmas kindness

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bad-tempered, short-tempered
grumpy bad-tempered
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złym humorze, zapalczywy
miser somebody who loves money but hates spending it
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eve the day before something e.g. Christmas Eve
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przeddzień, wigilia
under the banner of
under the banner of being part of a group who are united in support for an idea
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pod sztandarem
under the banner of
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pod hasłem czegoś (wspierając jakąś myśl, ideę)
I might be grumpy – and that means bad-tempered – but I'm not a scrooge! I don't mind spending money
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chytrus, dusigrosz
after your own heart
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bratnia dusza
cheer up
Last year in London, twenty tons of presents were donated, wrapped, and delivered to a local hospital to cheer up sick children who couldn't go home for Christmas.
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rozweselać się
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double-decker bus
they were delivered in a big double-decker bus!
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piętrowy autobus
under the banner of something
Lots of different groups of people come together under the banner of kindness
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pod hasłem czegoś (wspierając jakąś myśl, ideę
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