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wide in scope or in content:
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to trouble, annoy, or torment in any manner
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to plague sb
authentic; real;
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to chew with steady or vigorous working of the jaws, often audibly.
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to munch on sth
to write sth, make a document
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to ink sth
exaggerated claims or statements, as in advertising or publicity;
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capable of being heard
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much to sb surprise, happines
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much to sb delight
a person who argues in favor of something; advocate.
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completely unconcerned about the consequences or results of one's actions;
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completely unconcerned about the consequ in English
of, relating to, or involving two sides:
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to apply by authority; force the acceptance of:
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to impose (to impose taxes)
a watch kept over someone or something, esp. over a suspect, prisoner, etc.:
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