Academic Word List 1.2

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korzyść, zasiłek, korzystać, przynosić korzyść
Oni oferują liczne korzyści jako dodatek do pensji.
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They offer numerous benefits, besides salary.
zasiłek dla bezrobotnych
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unemployment benefits
państwo opiekuńcze
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the welfare state
beneficjent (osoba odnosząca z czegoś korzyść)
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obopólne korzyści
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mutual benefit
"Perhaps we can work together to our mutual benefit in the near future."
długoterminowe korzyści
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long-term benefits
The long-term benefits of the program for the homeless are more difficult to measure.
pojęcie abstrakcyjne
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abstract concept
I cannot remember a time where death was not a reality rather than an abstract concept.
nie mieć o czymś pojęcia
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do not have the concept of sth
These people have no concept of the difficulties that immigrants face.
pojęcie, zrozumienie
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But people still do not quite grasp who he is.
polegać na czymś
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consist in something
The regulatory bodies have not been consistent in fining companies that pollute rivers.
konsekwentna polityka
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consistent policy
stanowić zagrożenie dla
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constitute a hazard
w kontekście
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in the context of
The issue of mass immigration has to be seen in context.
stworzyć złe wrażenie, wywołać złe wrażenie
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create a bad impression
Nothing creates a worse impression than people who are late for meetings.
stworzyć presję
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create pressure
Success can also create its own pressures.
łatwy do zrozumienia, wyraźnie określony
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Some students have come to the program with well defined ideas about issues
jasno określone
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clearly defined
czerpać(np. przyjemność), odnosić (korzyści, zyski); pochodzić
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Romance languages are derived from Latin.
wynikać bezpośrednio
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derive directly

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