A07 16.02.2017

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ankieta, badanie opinii
a few
I have a few questions.
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schedule = attange = set up = fix the meeting
John scheduled the meeting on Tuesday.
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umówić spotkanie
to discuss
We must discuss these two points.
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in favour of
I'm in favour of your proposal.
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to follow up on
I'm writing to follow up on the issue of unpaid invoice / dissatisfied clients.
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kontynuować coś
to take place
English course takes place in the bunker.
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mieć miejsce
meeting adjourned
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"spotkanie zakończone"
We have few workers for this project.
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for a while
I'm going out for a while.
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na chwilę
to tackle the problem = to solve the problem
I will tackle this problem tomorrow.
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rozwiązać problem

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