9C Homonymes

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He's in no state to go to work, he's very ill. Which US state is Hollywood in?
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1 (noun) the mental, emotional or physical condition that somebody or something is in; 2 (noun) a part of a country
He can handle most problems on his own. I broke the hande on the window.
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1 (verb) deal with something; 2 (noun) a part of an object that is used to hold, carry or move it
It was a typical case of food poisoning. Have you seen my camera case?
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1 (noun) a particular example or situation of something; 2 (noun) a container for keeping things in
That was an intresting point John made. At that point I left the meeting.
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1 (noun) an idea, opinion or piece of information that is said or written; 2 (noun) a particular time
He was the last person I wanted to see. I went to see Landy's exhibition last week.
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1 (adjective) to make a strong negative statement about someone or something; 2 (adjective) the most recent or nearest to the present
When the examination had been completed, the doctor announced that he was completely cured. The book is an interesting examination of the lies which make up the world of politics. The detectives carried out a careful examination of the murder scene.
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1 (noun) when somebody looks at a person or thing carefully in order to discover something about his, her or it; 2 (noun) a set of medical tests

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