8B Phrasal Verbs: Money

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pay sb/sth back / pay back sb/sth
Can you borrow me some money? I'll pay you back / pay it back tomorrow!
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pay somebody the money tha you owe them
pay sth off / pay off sth
I've finally paid off my student load.
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pay back money that you owe on a loan, etc.
a mortgage
We have 250000 pounds mortgage
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the amount of money you borrow from a bank or a similar organisation in ordr to buy a house
take sth out / take out sth
We took out a loan to buy a car
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arrange to get a loan, mortgage, etc. from a bank or other financial company
go down
Prises have gone down.
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become lower in price, value, amount, etc.
come to sth
The house repair came to about 1000 pounds
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be a total amount when some numbers are aded together
put sth down (on sth) / put down sth (on sth)
I've put 10000 down on a new flat
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pay part pf the cost of something and promise to pay the rest later
a deposit
I'll leave a 500 pounds deposit and pay the rest next week.
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an amount of money that is given in advance as part of total payment for something
come into something
Rosie came into a lot of money when jer aunt died.
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receive money or property from a relative who has died
take sth off / take off sth
The shop took 50 pounds off the table because it was demages
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reduce the price of something by a particular amount
save up (for sth)
She's saving up for a new bike.
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keep money so that you can buy something in the future
rip sb off / rip off sb (informal)
8 pounds for an ice cream? He's ripping people off.
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cheat somebody by making them pay too much money for something
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to cause (a person or group) to feel hurt, angry, or upset by something said or done
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work out
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figure out
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