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to enable sb to do sth
start learning
to make it possible for sb to do sth
engrossed in sth
start learning
paying all your attention to sth (a book, a film, your work, your own thoughts, etc)
to enlist in the army
start learning
to join (the army/navy/airforce voluntarily [Note: to enlist the help of sb: to get sb to help]
to entail
start learning
(formal) to make it necessary to
to entail sb to sth
start learning
to give sb the right to have sth
to envisage
start learning
to expect
start learning
not important or relevant; immaterial comes after a noun and generally follows the verb to be
immune to sth
start learning
if you are immune to a particular illness or disease, you cannot catch it (because you have a natural resistance to it, or because you have been vaccinated against it) [Note: immune from prosecution: cannot be arrested or charged with a crime]
start learning
perfect and without faults
start learning
rude and disrespectful; impertinent can go before or after a noun, generallywith the verbto be
impervious to sth
start learning
not bothered or affected by sth
start learning
not very convincing and probably not true
start learning
: big and impressive
start learning
without advanced preparation or practice; generally used before a noun
start learning
doing things suddenly without thinking about them carefully first

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