26th Nov 2015

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nadchodzące (wybory)
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the upcoming (election)
the band’s upcoming album
tylko garstka ludzi odpisała na ogłoszenie
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Only a handful of people answered the advertisement.
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advertisement FOR sth / to do sth
Put an advertisement in the local paper to sell your car.
I'm writing in connection with your advettisement for a hotel manager
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na egzaminie IELTS
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in the IELTS exam
International English Language Testing System’ (a test that measures a person’s ability to speak and write English at the level that is necessary to go to university in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand)
/ˈaɪelts/ (U)
to jest skrót ... (czegoś)
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it's the abbreviation for...
'Dr' is the written abbreviation of 'Doctor'.
abbreviation of/for
informuj mnie na bieżąco
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keep me up to date / keep me in the loop
Lawton had gradually been cut out of the loop on legal reviews. / A lot of people want to be in the loop on this operation.
to cut sb out of the loop ON sth
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olej rzepakowy
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rapeseed oil
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nasycone tłuszcze
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saturated fats
miażdżyca naczyń krwionośnych
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a condition in which the walls of the arteries become thick and hard, making it difficult for blood to flow; occurring typically in old age.
w podeszłym wieku
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in the old age
udar mózgu
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a stroke
I looked after my father after he had a stroke.
have/suffer a stroke / a stroke patient
skubać / depilować brwi
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to pluck one's eyebrows
She plucked (out) a grey hair. / expertly plucked eyebrows
to overpluck
po mistrzowsku
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The roads were icy but she stopped the car expertly.
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overnight beauty tips / We stayed overnight in London after the theatre.
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Don't expect it to improve overnight.
triki kosmetyczek
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beauty hack
pudełko na szkła kontaktowe
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contact case
rzęsy pokryte grudkami tuszu
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clumpy eyelashes
declump your mascara
grudka / kępa
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a thick clump of grass
warstwa (tuszu)
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apply as many coats as you want
średni / mierny
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a mediocre musician/talent/performance; I thought the play was only mediocre.
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blast went off
A bomb blast completely destroyed the building.
pisano o tym wszędzie
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it was all over the news
przebiec pięć km w niedzielę
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to run 5k on Sunday
stwardnienie rozsiane
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multiple sclerosis / MS (U)
One of my best friend's dad has MS
baź cierpliwy / cierpliwie czekaj
trzymaj się mocno
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hold tight
hold tight (Hold tight when we go round the corner!)
used for telling someone to wait and not do anything or not worry
o kulach
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on crutches
I was on crutches for three months after the operation.
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It was a nerve-racking drive up the mountain.
trząść się jak liść
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to shake like a leaf
uklęknąć na jedno kolano
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to get down on one knee
zabrać kogoś na kolację
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to take someone out to dinner
skakać na trampolinie
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jump on the trampoline
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for the most part
pojechać na miesiąc miodowy
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to go on a honeymoon
dziękuję, że tu jesteś
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thanks for being here
uczeń, który ma same piątki
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straight-A student
na jakiej pozycji grasz?
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What position do you play?
wypatroszyć rybę
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to gut
oczyścić z łusek
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to scale
banki żywności
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food banks
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to get by
półtorej godziny
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hour and a half / one and a half hours
ludzie w róźnym wieku
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people of all ages
wiele razy w ciągu dnia
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multiple times a day
przekazać szpik dla nieznajomego
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to donate bone marrow to a complete stranger
zorganizowaliśmy jemu przelot do LA
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he flew him to LA
wyskoczyć z brzucha
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pop out of your belly
co do licha
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what in the world
zaraz wracam
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be right back
być na widowni
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be in the audience
sklepik z podstawowymi artykułami
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convenience store
maszynka elektryczna
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electric razor / shaver
pilnik do paznokci
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nail file / emery board
obcinacz do paznokci
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nail clippers
gąbka roślinna (do mycia)
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kosmetyczka / torebka
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sponge bag / toilet bag / washbag
toiletry bag AmE
Święto Dziękczynienia
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a public holiday in the US (on the fourth Thursday in November) and in Canada (on the second Monday in October), originally to give thanks to God for the harvest and for health

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