22/ May / 19

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Você está acordado?
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Are you awake?
Are you awake? You better go back to sleep.
Estou me sentindo doente hoje
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I’m feeling sick today
Estou um pouco atrasado.
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I'm running a little late.
Eu não dormi muito bem, eu tive um pesadelo
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I didn’t sleep very well, I had a bad dream
Como foi a escola hoje?
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How was school today?
Eu fiz um exame e me saí bem.
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I took an exam and did well.
Você poderia arrumar a mesa, por favor?
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Could you set the table, please?
O almoço está pronto?
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Is lunch ready?
Você poderia me ajudar a lavar a louça?
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Could you help me wash the dishes?
Esta muito quente hoje!
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It’s too hot today!
Você pode ligar a luz?
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Can you switch the light on?

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