21st Nov 2016

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antelope /ˈæntɪləʊp/
The springbok - a medium-sized antelope found mainly in southern and southwestern Africa; symbol of the South African rugby team;D
zbieraj momenty, nie rzeczy
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collect moments, not things
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a sponge /spʌndʒ/
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the capital of Lanzarote
Leonard Cohen
a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, novelist, and painter
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/lend/ /koun/
Hallelujah and Suzanne
Nobel Prize in Literature
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Bob Dylan
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it's well-deserved
z zawodu
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He was a carpenter by trade.
duzy wybór
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good, wide choice
limited choice
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collect /kəˈlekt/
zbierać VS podnieść
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pick VS pick sth up
to go blackberry picking / flowers freshly picked from the garden / to pick grapes
to put food quickly into liquid before eating it
wrzucić piłkę pionowo do kosza
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to dunk
to jump very high and put the ball through the basket with great force from above
to push somebody underwater for a short time, as a joke; to put something into water
Turkish delight
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na scenie
They marched off stage to the sound of trumpets.
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on stage
There were more than 50 people on stage in one scene.
pojawić się na ekranie
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pop UP on the screen
przez większość czasu
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for the most part
(to perform) THE Heimlich maneuver
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/ˈhaɪmlɪk məˌnuvər/
mouth-to-mouth (resuscitation)
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mouth-to-mouth (resuscitation)
przygnębiająca wiadomość
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grim news
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flask / thermos

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