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to się nie opłaca
start learning
it doesn't pay off
start learning
implementation/ deployment
to deploy = to implement
przejrzeć coś
start learning
to look sth OVER
Do you have a few minutes to look these samples over?
start learning
look out! = watch out!
Tylko się rozglądam.
start learning
I'm just looking around.
sprawdź to w słowniku
start learning
look it up in a dictionary
podziwiać kogoś / szanować kogoś
start learning
to look up TO sb (FOR sth)
I've always looked up to Bill for his courage and determination.
gardzić kimś
start learning
to look down ON sb
Mr Garcia looks down on anyone who hasn't had a college education.
bogaci ludzi
start learning
THE rich
biedni ludzie
start learning
THE poor
start learning
THE blind
start learning
zamożny in English
przeanalizować coś, zbadać coś
start learning
look into sth
Police are looking into the disappearance of two children.
odwiedzać kogoś (bez zaproszenia)
start learning
to look in on sb
I promised to look in on Dad and see if he's feeling any better.
przeszukiwać coś / sprawdzać dokładnie
start learning
to look sth through
I've looked through all my papers but I still can't find the contract.
wpaść do kogoś (z wizytą)
start learning
to drop in (ON sb) (OR for sth e.g. for a drink)
Why don't you drop in for a drink one evening?
to visit someone you know, usually without arranging a particular time
wpaść do kogoś (z wizytą)
start learning
to call in ON sb
Could you call in on Mum on your way home.
to visit a person or place while you are on your way to somewhere else

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