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Do you feel like going to the party?
Do you feel like going to the party?, No, I don't feel like going
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Czy masz ochotę isc na zabawę?
Nie, nie mam ochoty
I feel like eating chockolade
I don't feel like watching this film
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Mam ochotę na czekoladę
Nie mam ochoty na oglądanie tego filmu
but for you
I couldn’t have done it in time but for you.
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gdyby nie ty
break free
I want to break free from your lies.
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uwolnić się
better luck next time
Let’s hope I’ll have better luck next time. I don’t want to go through all that again
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następnym razem będzie lepiej
be second to none
You are second to none when it comes to cooking.
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nie mieć sobie równych
be on good terms with somebody
I am on very good terms with him so I will talk to him.
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być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
be no match for somebody
Sam is really no match for Tim when it comes to sailing.
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nie dorównywać komuś
be meant for
Don’t even try to ride this bike. It’s way too small for you. It is meant for children aged 5!
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być przeznaczonym dla
be lost in thoughts
I was lost in thought when the telephone rang.
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być pogrążonym w myślach
be lost for words
I was delivering a speech in front of 100 people and suddenly forgot what to say next. I was simply lost for words for a while.
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nie móc znaleźć słów
be in one’s element
Kate was in her element, organising everything.
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być w swoim żywiole
be in no position to do something
I am only an assistant here. I am in no position to make any decisions. You will have to wait for my manager to come back to give you the answer.
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nie być w stanie czegoś zrobić, nie mieć możliwości
be in a tight corner
I feel like I am in a tight corner at the moment. I don’t have much of a choice as to what to do next.
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znajdować się w sytuacji bez wyjścia
be in a hurry
I am sorry. I am in a hurry and can’t talk to you at the moment.
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spieszyć się
be dying for something
It’s absolutely boiling in here. I am simply dying for a glass of ice cold water!
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marzyć o czymś
Anyone got any magic tips on how to get rid of heartburn?!
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Czy ktokolwiek ma jakąś magiczną radę jak pozbyć się zgagi?
I'm close to rippin my own heart out! Can't cope!
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Zaraz wypruję swoje serce, nie daję rady
only too
I know only too well that I can't win the lottery.
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az za bardzo
an offer I couldn't refuse
The border guards invited me to stay for further questioning - it was an offer I couldn't refuse.
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propozycja nie do odrzucenia

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