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Do you think you are eligible for the job?
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odpowiedni, nadający się
Myślisz ze nadajesz się do tej pracy?
to brag
He bragged endlessly about his high score.
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przechwalać się
Chwalił się w nieskończoność o jego wysokim wyniku.
according to the custom
According to custom, it’s the groom that has to pay for the wedding reception.
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zgodnie ze zwyczajem
Zgodznie ze zwyczajem to pan młody musi zaplacic za wesele
act one’s age
Laura is 40 and incredibly irresponsible. It’s about time she started acting her age.
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zachowywać się, jak przystało na swój wiek
najwyzszy czas zeby zaczela zachowywać się na swoj wiek
against somebody’s will
I told my sister that I absolutely hated blue, but she decided to paint our sitting room blue against my will.
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wbrew czyjejś woli
ahead of time
He was really ahead of his time in terms of employing women, quite unusual at the turn of the last century.
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przed czasem/terminem
bardzo wyprzedził swój czas w zakresie zatrudniania kobiet, dość nietypowe na przełomie ubiegłego wieku.
all over again
I was writing my essay last night but my computer crashed. I lost all my work and had to start all over again.
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jeszcze raz od początku
any luck?
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udało się
apply for a job
I always wanted to work in this company so I decided to apply for the job they advertised yesterday.
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starać/ubiegać się o pracę
arrive at a conclusion
I read the book twice and finally arrived at the conclusion that the ending is rather disappointing.
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dojść do wniosku
as a last resort
I really don’t want to ask John for help. I’d rather try to solve the problem myself. I’ll wait until tomorrow and if nothing happens I will ask him, as my last resort.
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w ostateczności
as far as possible
As far as possible I will try to help you out, but I can’t promise anything.
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w miarę możliwości
as many again
I’ve already done 25 exercises and have to do as many again to go to finish my home work.
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jeszcze raz tyle
at all points
She is a perfectionist at all points.
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pod każdym względem
at random
I chose the book totally at random and it turned out to be absolutely fantastic.
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losowo, na chybił trafił
Wybrałem książkęprzypadkowo i okazałą się być absolutnie fantastyczna
at somebody’s request
I am doing it at Kate’s request. I owe her a favour.
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na czyjąś prośbę
at this rate
We will never manage to finish it at this rate.
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w tym tempie
at the start of something
I didn’t like him at all at the start of the play, but my approach changed later on.
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na początku czegoś
catch somebody doing something
I used to steal sweets from the pantry when I was five, but my Grandma caught me doing it and I was scared to do it again.
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przyłapywać kogoś na czymś
clear conscience
I’d rather pay the fine and have a clear conscience rather than wait and hope they will forget about it.
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czyste sumienie

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