15.11.22 Unit 4: Revision

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Ja nie mam brata ale mam siostrę
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I haven't got a brother but I have got a sister
A - Jaki kolor włosów masz? B - Mam krótkie blond włosy
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A - What color hair have you got? B - I have got short blond hair
A - Czy ona ma długie włosy? B - Nie, ona nie ma/
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A - Has she got long hair? B - No, she hasn't got.
Jaki kolor oczu ma Tomek
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What color eyes has Tomek got?
Czy Ola ma jakąś piłkę?
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Has Ola got any ball?
Gdzie on jest?
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Where is he?
Czy ty masz jego rower?
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Have you got his bike?
Czy oni mają czerwone swetry?
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Have they got red jumpers?
Ja mam rower i ja mam deskorolkę
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I have got a bike and I have got a skateboard

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