10C, 11A Vocabulary

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a (nervous) breakdown
In a crisis women isn't more likely to have a breakdown than a man.
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a perion of mental illness
He's so self-obsessed, he only ever talks about himself.
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only intrested in yourself and your own activities
an attention span
Man generally have a shorter attention span than women.
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a period of time in which you can be interested in something
Man tend to be more good-humoured.
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friendly or in a good mood
The widespread belief that women talk more than a man is in fact true.
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existing or happening in many places
a drawback
One pf the drawbacks of working in a hotel is the unsocial hours.
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a disadvantage or the negadive part of a situation
Anne was a high-powered accountant in the city.
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having a very important and powerful job
a daydream
Women do a lot of daydreaming.
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pleasant thoughts you have when you're awake and you forget what you're doing
Women are more subject to feeling depressed and downhearted than man.
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unhappy and lacking in hope, especially because of a disappointment or failure
make for a living
What does your best friend make for living?
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earn the money that you need to le
He's a freelance writer in Spain.
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doing work for several different companies rather than for just one company
be made redundant
He worked for the company for 25 years and then was made redundant with only a year to go before he was set to retire. The father of two small children committed suicide after being made redundant at his job.
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lose your job because your employer doesn't need you any more
be out of work
Do you know anyone who is out of work at the moment?
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be unemployed
have a lot of work on
I can't come to the gig, I'm having a lot of work on at the moment.
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have a lot of work that you need to do
be on the go
She is a kind of person who is on the go all the time.
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be very busy and active
get down to sth
Do you find it difficult to get down to work?
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finally start doing something that needs a lot of attention
a project
Are you working on an interesting project at the moment?
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a piece of work which is completed over a period of time
give a talk
Have you ever given a talk to more than 30 people?
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to tell about something or somebody in front of some group of people/audience, speach which is often prepared earlier

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