Módulo 12 - Unit 9 - And they all lived happily ev...

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¿Estás sentado cómodo? Entonces comenzaré. Había una vez una princesa
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Are you sitting comfortable? Then I will begin. There was once a princess
De vuelta en los viejos tiempos cuando había magia real
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Back in the olden days when there was real magic
Lejos y hace mucho tiempo, había un príncipe guapo
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Far away and long ago, there was a handsome prince
Érase una vez
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Once upon a time
En una palabra
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In a nutshell
La moraleja de la historia es:
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The moral of the story is:
Para abreviar una larga historia, se enamoraron
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To cut a long story short, they fell in love
Hace mucho tiempo en una tierra lejana
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a long time ago in a distance land
en un reino lejano
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in a farway kingdom
todos ellos vivieron felices para siempre
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they all lived happily ever after
pero esa es otra historia
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but that's another story
un velatorio
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a wake
un coche fúnebre
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a hearse
dar un giro a una historia
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spin a story
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get you hooked
novela de misterio
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rejecting and leaving
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fully accepting
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atorado-atascado con
remained in my mind
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stuck with
No seria atractivo para mi
it wouldn't be attractive to me
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it wouldn't be my cup of tea
algo pasaba
something important had happened
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something was up
había algo en eso
there was something truth in the matter
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there was something in it
dramático con efectos especiales
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dramatic with special effects
triste y conmovedor
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sad and touching
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Estoy en un callejón sin salida
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I am at a loose end
él se irá al fondo
to get very angry about something or lose control of yourself
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he will go off the deep end
Si te encuentras suelto, siempre puedes limpiar el baño.
to have nothing to do
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If you find yourself at a loose end, you could always clean the bathroom
Alrededor de las seis en punto después de un día ocupado, estoy al final de mi cuerda
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By six o'clock after a busy day I'm at the end of my rope
Esperamos ganar, pero si terminamos en segundo lugar, no será el fin del mundo
not the worst thing that could happen
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We’re hoping to win, but if we finish second it won’t be the end of the world
Cuando crezca verá que no puede encender una vela por los dos extremos
to work or do other things from early in the morning until late at night and so get very little rest
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as you grow older, you'll find you can't burn the candle at both ends
Él llega a un final pegajoso a mitad de la película
to die in an unpleasant way
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He comes to a sticky end halfway through the movie

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