Everyday phrases in Belarusian
Englishбеларуская мова

Everyday phrases in Belarusian
Surprise the natives with your knowledge of Belarusian!

Most used phrases for conversations in any situations
Be able to give and receive the needed information
Learn all the necessary phrases and speak like a local!
Use the ready-made sentences or tailor them to your needs!
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Greetings, farewells and courtesy phrasesGreetings, farewells and courtesy phrases  
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At schoolAt school  
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In a bankIn a bank  
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In a restaurantIn a restaurant  
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In an interviewIn an interview  
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At workAt work  
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In a hotelIn a hotel  
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Everyday phrases in Belarusian

Have you ever wanted to speak Belarusian ? Now you can easily do it with our course on Belarusian language phrases . Use these Belarusian phrases if you want to impress the locals by saying hello in Belarusian or start learning Belarusian language with basic Belarusian phrases . Now finding a train station or going to a restraunts in Belarus is much easier with this Belarusian language course . Our list of useful Belarusian phrases will help you during your stay in Belarus with translations of most used phrases from English to Belarusian . Get ready for your trip right now!

Phrasebook in Belarusian

Start speaking Belarusian right now. Here is a list of useful Belarusian phrases that you can use during your time in Belarus! You'll find ways to say hello and thank you in Belarusian and many more. Learn these basic Belarusian phrases and communicate with locals easily. This Belarusian language course will help you understand the natives, get and give pieces of information and improve your Belarusian language in general. Discover our course on Belarusian phrases and study them quickly and efficiently with VocApp flashcards.

Belarusian everyday phrases

Learn Belarusian phrases and start speaking Belarusian language right now. This list of basic Belarusian phrases will help you in any occasion, from buying your groceries to finding a train station or having a doctor apointment. These Belarusian language phrases are made for you to enjoy your stay in Belarus. Study everyday phrases in Belarusian right now! Do not just stick to Belarusian, have a look at our Russian courses too: Russian in 1 day and Russian: day 2 .