Renting an apartment

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I'll be moving this weekend.
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Я пераязджаю ў гэтыя выхадныя.
What kind of pets do you allow?
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Якіх жывел вы дазваляеце?
Can the pets be outside?
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Ці могуць жывелы знаходзіцца знадворку?
Could you please help me move?
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Калі ласка, дапамажы мне пераехаць.
I need to fill an application form.
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Мне трэба запоўніць анкету.
I found a convenient offer on the internet.
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Я знайшоў зручную прапанову ў інтэрнэце.
The apartment is big and has a balcony.
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Кватэра вялізная і з балконам.
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