At the hospital.

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My legs hurt when I walk.
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Маі ногі баляць калі я хаджу.
What are my options for treatment?
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Якія у мяне варыянты лячэння?
Am I going to need a surgery?
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Мне будзе патрэбна аперацыя?
The doctor said I needed a transplant.
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Урач сказаў, што мне было трэба перасаджванне.
The doctor said I'm healthy.
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Урач сказаў, што я здаровы.
I have the flu and I'm aphonous.
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Я прастудзіўся і згубіў голас.
I haven't been feeling well, I'll go to the hospital.
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Я кепска сябе адчуваю, я паеду ў шпіталь.
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