Asking and giving advice

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In my opinion, you should convince her it was an accident.
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Я лічу, што табе трэба пераканаць яе, што гэта была выпадковасць.
It's generally a good idea to ask your dad to intercede for you.
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Папрасіць бацьку заступіцца за цябе - добрая ідэя.
What I said is my personal recommendation.
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Тое, што я сказаў, - мая асабістая рэкамендацыя.
Why don't you ask for an apology?
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Чаму ты не папросіш выбачэння?
What do you advise me?
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Што вы параіце?
If you were in my place, what would you do?
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Што бы вы зрабілі на маім месцы?
I advise you to talk to her.
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Я раю табе паразмаўляць з ёй.
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