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How are things?
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Як справы?
I have a new job.
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У мяне новая праца.
It's great to see you again.
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Добра бачыць цябе зноў.
How long has it been?
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Колькі часу прайшло?
I always remember the party we went to.
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Я назаўседы запомніў вечарынка, на якую мы пайшлі разам.
I'm not sure I can see you.
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Я не упэўнены, што мы зможам пабачыцца.
We must meet at the same place where we met first.
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Мы павінны сустрэцца ў тым месцы, дзе сустрэліся ўпершыню.
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