Asking and giving instructions

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You're going to use sugar, butter, flour, eggs and milk.
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Вам спатрэбіцца цукар, масла, мука, яйкі і малако.
Then, you must add the butter.
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Потым, дадайце масла.
Next, add the eggs.
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Далей, дадайце яйкі.
When you finish that, bake the mixture.
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Калі вы скончыце, запякайце сумесь.
That's how a cake is made.
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Так гатуецца торт.
How many ingredients am I going to need?
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Колькі інгрэдыентаў мне спатрэбіцца?
How do I prepare a cake?
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Як згатаваць торт?
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