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I only have a year experience in management.
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У мяне ёсць толькі адзін год практыкі ў мэнэджмэнце.
Could you please tell me what are the company's benefits?
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Калі ласка, раскажыце мне пра выгады кампаніі.
I want to thank you for taking me into consideration for this job.
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Я жадаю падзякаваць вам за разгляд мяне на гэту пазіцыю.
I think I have the profile you are looking for.
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Я думаю, я вам падыходжу.
Could you please say that again?
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Паўтарыце, калі ласка.
Thank you for the opportunity.
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Дзякуй за магчымасць.
I've always been interested in working in your company.
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Я заўсёды быў зацікаўлены папрацаваць у вашай кампаніі.
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