At the hairdressing salon

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Do you want it styled straight or wavy?
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Вы жадаеце прамую ўкладку ці хвалістую?
You should brush your hair gently to avoid damaging it.
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Вам трэба акуратна прачэсваць валасы, каб пазбегнуць пашкоджання.
We have cosmetology services as well.
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У нас таксама ёсць касметалагічныя паслугі.
How short would you like it?
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Як коратка вы жадаеце?
Can I make an appointment for a haircut today?
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Магу я папасць на стрыжку сёння?
What do you want me to do to your hair today?
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Як вы жадаеце, каб я пастрыг вас сёння?
I would like a new style, maybe some highlights.
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Я хачу спрабаваць іншы стыль, мабыць светлыя пасмы.
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