Asking and answering personal questions

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Yes, I'm single./No, I'm married./I'm divorced.
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Да, я самотны./Не, я жанаты/замужам./Я развядзенец.
I love learning new languages.
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Я люблю вывучаць новыя мовы.
I usually hang out with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
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Звычайна я праважу час з маім маладым чалавекам/дзяўчынай.
I've been studying a lot.
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Я шмат вучуся.
I'm a modern languages student.
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Я студэнт сучасных моў.
If you have any questions, I'll answer them at the meeting.
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Калі ў вас з'явяцца пытанні, я адкажу на іх падчас сустрэчы.
Do you have any pets?
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У вас ёсць жывелы?
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