At the airport

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My carry on is too heavy.
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Мая ручная паклажа занадта цяжарная.
My flight has been delayed.
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Мой рэйс затрымліваецца.
I would like to book an economy class ticket to China.
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Я жадаю забраніраваць білет эканом-класа ў Кітай.
The plane is on time.
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Самалет па раскладу.
The plane will be boarding in two hours.
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Пасадка на самалёт пачынаецца праз дзве гадзіны.
Where are you flying to today?
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Куда вы сёння ляціце?
I'm going to travel to Jamaica.
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Я падарожнічаю на Ямайку.
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