Business Expressions 4

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cowboy outfit
Don't book a flight with that airline; they're a cowboy outfit. The plane was filthy, the food was horrible and they lost my luggage.
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business that cheats and deceives its customers by providing a very bad service and taking money for it.
cut lossses
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skrócić męki (zakończyć inwestycję przynoszącą straty)
cost the earth
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kosztować majątek
cough up
You had better cough up what you owe me, if you know what's good for you.
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zrzucić się (na coś) (dołożyć się do czegoś, złożyć się na coś)
clear the decks
His company is clearing the decks for major new investment in the Far East.
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przygotować grunt (pod coś) przygotować się do akcji
cut-throat competition
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najostrzejsza konkurencja
cut it a little fine
After paying the rent we had only $60. This is cutting it a little fine.
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na styk (mieć czegoś, np. pieniędzy, czasu, niewiele ponad niezbędne minimum)
cut it fine
Only allowing half an hour to get from the station to the airport is cutting it fine, isn't it?
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zostawić sobie zapas czasu

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