Better English Lessons - Useful Expressions 1

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acid test
It looks like this product will be a success but we will be starting test marketing in the London region soon. That will be the acid test.
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próba ogniowa/trudny test
argue the toss
I don't think it is worth getting angry about this. Let's not argue the toss over such a small decision.
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dyskutować o czymś, czego nie można zmienić
above par
His work is above par, so he should get paid better
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powyżej normy
He had done well in jobs in Accounting, Sales and Production. He's a real all-rounder.
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dobry we wszystkim
I'm all fingers and thumbs.
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Mam dwie lewe ręce.
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race against the clock
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wyścig z czasem
she's at a premium
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jest na wagę złota
The PM is angling for votes.
He didn't say anything directly but I think he was angling for an invitation to lunch.
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Premier poluje na głosy.
across the board
They didn't just make small changes, they changed everything across the board.
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dotyczący wszystkich, uniwersalny -w odniesieniu do ludzi - np. o prawie, zarządzeniu) dotyczący wszystkich (uniwersalny)

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