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She looks like Candice King They seem like they are happy together. What are your likes or dislikes? I like this music. CONTROVERSIAL: He was like “I can’t go to the party” I was like “What the hell?” FILLER: She asked me to (em...) LIKE, give a speech.
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Respond to “Thank you!” CASUAL
You’re (very) welcome. No problem! (Not for an elderly person) No, thank you! The pleasure is mine! (My) pleasure! I know you’d do the same for me (Friends only) That’s all right. (you might not have wanted to do) No worries. Anytime! Sure! (No problem!)
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Respond to "Thank you!" CASUAL v=F99JNqsfxlQ
Respond to “Thank you! (Self-deprecating)
Don’t mention it. It was the least I could do. It was nothing!
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Respond to "Thank you! (Self-deprecating) v=F99JNqsfxlQ
Respond to “Thank you! FORMAL
I’m very much obliged to you! Much obliged! You’re most welcome! We appreciate your business/custom (talking to a customer) I’m happy to help.
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Respond to "Thank you! FORMAL v=F99JNqsfxlQ
“How are you”
How are things? How is it going? (are you going/doing?) In case of a problem: You okay? You alright? Alright? What’s up? What’s the matter?
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"How are you" v=_53mo10_Mbk&t=311s
“How are you” responds.
- I’m alight - Yeah good, you? - I’m great/good (pretty) - Doing well - Doing good - Can’t complain When something is not good: - Well I’m a bid (sleepy, tired ill) - I’ve been better - I’ve seen better days
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"How are you" responds. v=_53mo10_Mbk&t=311s

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