Business French

Business French
Business French is here to help you in your professional life!

No more missing words during the meetings
Become more confident in both professional and private life (take a look at “Socializing & small talk” lesson)
Get to know a diverse vocabulary from different fields (Accounting, Human Ressources, Sales…)
Let yourself look smarter!
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Téléphoner quelqu'un  
16 flashcards
Téléphoner quelqu'un (phrases)  
87 flashcards
Le service client  
15 flashcards
Le service client (phrases)  
21 flashcards
Les emails  
39 flashcards
Les réunions  
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Les réunions (phrases)  
116 flashcards
Les présentations  
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(Warsaw, 1st Dec 2013)

Sonbou Marcin Młodzki
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Marcin Młodzki
ul. Mielczarskiego 8/58
02-798 Warszawa

NIP: 951-218-24-28
REGON: 141504582