Business French - HR

Business French - HR
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You will find all the vocabulary about human resources here!
After this course you will know the whole business vocabulary and learn useful keywords to apply for a job!
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Study more than 800 words and expressions to become a specialist!
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General Terms - Termes générauxGeneral Terms - Termes généraux  
92 flashcards
Applying for a job - Postuler pour un travailApplying for a job - Postuler pour un travail  
93 flashcards
Employment - EmploiEmployment - Emploi  
98 flashcards
Training and motivating - Formation et motivationTraining and motivating - Formation et motivation  
120 flashcards
Employees - EmployésEmployees - Employés  
65 flashcards
Payment and benefits - Paiement et bénéficesPayment and benefits - Paiement et bénéfices  
103 flashcards
Development - DéveloppementDevelopment - Développement  
70 flashcards
Problems and discipline - Problèmes et disciplineProblems and discipline - Problèmes et discipline  
122 flashcards
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Business French: master your French skills

The French language is the 6th most spoken language in the world with 120 million students who are currently learning French. It belongs to Romance language of the Indo-European family, together with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. There are 29 countries in total speaking French as their official language. 76 million people speak the French language as their mother tongue. With a vast majority of French speakers in the world, French becomes the second most taught foreign language in the world. More and more people learn French for their business, making business French important with millions of French learners. Do you like to learn business French and ultimately have a chance to work in a French-spoken business? Let's go master business French! VocApp would like to offer you this Business French course to help you improve your Business French in the Human Resources field.

Learn Business French: How to do?

How hard is business French to learn? According to some reviews, French is not a hard language, but difficult to master it. To master business French, vocabulary can be seen as the most important part because probably French learners reached at least a basic level of French before going to business French. One easy method to learn business French is reading economic news in French and take note of new words to memorize it. Understanding your problem, Vocapp prepared a list of business French in flashcards ready for you to learn it. A flashcard is a smart way to learn new vocabulary and includes one word in French, its pronunciation, attractive image and active example to help you learn business French effectively. Moreover, you are always free to add your own flashcards from a real situation you have met daily!

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Enhancing business French is becoming much easier! To explore more about business French together with the topic HR, and you can check our other courses of French in various topics and choose your favourite ones to keep up learning French! Check out some courses here: Presentations (Business French) and IT (Business French). Make a try!

So, quickly try to learn 5 business French words below:

  • 1.stock market = bourse
  • 2. accountant = comptable
  • 3. business trip = voyage d'affaires
  • 4. financial statement = état financier
  • 5. agreement = accord