Presentations (Business French)

Presentations (Business French)
Impress your business partners!

Approach the French market thanks to specialised vocabulary!
This course will teach you how to hold a perfect presentation in French
Take advantage of a huge amount of flashcards that will help you to improve your French
Feel more comfortable than ever when speaking French during conferences and business events!
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Introduction - IntroductionIntroduction - Introduction  
13 flashcards
Topic - SujetTopic - Sujet  
14 flashcards
Giving the outline of your presentation - Annoncer le plan de la présentationGiving the outline of your presentation - Annoncer le plan de la prése...  
24 flashcards
Introducing your first main point - Introduire la première grande partieIntroducing your first main point - Introduire la première grande partie  
11 flashcards
Referring to research - Faire références à la rechercheReferring to research - Faire références à la recherche  
12 flashcards
Referring to visual data - Faire références à des données visuellesReferring to visual data - Faire références à des données visuelles  
12 flashcards
Presenting a point of view - Présenter un point de vuePresenting a point of view - Présenter un point de vue  
15 flashcards
Emphasising important point - Souligner les points importantsEmphasising important point - Souligner les points importants  
11 flashcards
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How can you learn French for business?

There are a lot of reasons to learn a new foreign language. It could be because of romantic relationships, curiosity, phonetic attraction, business purposes and so on. The French language is no different than any other language. When you make effort and practice enough, there are no French words which you can’t learn! The questions you ask to yourself at the beginning of this journey should be “Why I am learning the French language?” and “How can I learn the French words as fast as possible?”. You should know that there are a lot of ways to learn a new language such as the French language. You can simply learn the basic French words easily but in order to do make a good presentation in French, you will need a different learning technique.

At VocApp, we know how important it is to learn a business language. For this reason, we offer the best way to learn French which is the Flashcard learning technique! If you wish to learn to speak French but you don’t know how to do it, rest assured, we have got it covered for you! We believe there is no better way to start learning the French language than with flashcards.

What are the benefits of learning the French language with flashcards

  • Flashcard learning and memorizing is a very effective technique to learn the French language. Memorizing the French words with flashcards will give you the opportunity to boost your French language skills as slick as a whistle.
  • VocApp flashcards have an audio option for you to learn the French words you need. So, you will know how to pronounce French words just like a native speaker.
  • You will have a fun experience while learning when you start to realize how easy the business words are in the French language
  • Flashcards improve your learning curve and your ability to remember words that you have memorized in the French language.
  • Learning anything with Flashcards is possible, especially the French words for business!

Why not another business language?

When it comes to business, French and English are crucial but we should not omit the importance of German as well. At VocApp, you can also widen your business vocabulary knowledge with our Business German course. However, if you are only interested in learning French words for business, you should not forget that French is not only about business. You will need to practice a lot of words than just French words for business. For example, you can easily access to our Everyday Phrases in French course and expand your vocabulary knowledge for everyday life in the French language!