GCSE French Exam

GCSE French Exam
Develop your French skills in a global way!

If you want to develop your French skills in order to succeed in a French exam or just for your work or holidays in a French-speaking country, this course has been made for you!
You’ll find the basics of French language starting with common verbs, adverbs and adjectives to help you revise easily with flashcards!
You can also develop your vocabulary for day-to-day activities!
To refine your knowledge of French culture, you can check special lessons with useful French expressions, frequent acronyms or social terms!
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Common verbs - Verbes courantsCommon verbs - Verbes courants  
192 flashcards
Common adjectives - Adjectifs courantsCommon adjectives - Adjectifs courants  
127 flashcards
Common adverbs - Adverbes courantsCommon adverbs - Adverbes courants  
39 flashcards
Prepositions - PrépositionsPrepositions - Prépositions  
29 flashcards
Colours - CouleursColours - Couleurs  
19 flashcards
Ordinal numbers - Nombres ordinauxOrdinal numbers - Nombres ordinaux  
7 flashcards
Quantities and measures - Quantités et mesuresQuantities and measures - Quantités et mesures  
31 flashcards
Connecting words - Connecteurs logiquesConnecting words - Connecteurs logiques  
18 flashcards
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GCSE French exam

Are you going to pass a French exam soon? Do you want or do you need to practice for your French exam? Do you want to learn French? Don't worry! Thanks to this course, you will be able to study French online and you will be prepared for your GCSE French exam. Obtaining a good level of French it's really important because it will broaden your possibilities to work abroad or to work in a European or an international environment. It will be really useful to pass a French exam.

What are you going to learn exactly in this course?

If you will start this course, you will be able to study French online and to prepare yourself for your GCSE French exam. In fact, through this course you will learn more exactly:

  • 1. Common verbs ("Verbes courants"), for example "to forget" = "oublier";
  • 2. Common adjectives ("Adjectifs courants"), for example "in a good mood" = "de bonne humeur";
  • 3.Common adverbs ("Adverbes courants"), for example "immediately" = "immédiatement";
  • 4. Quantities and measures("Quantités et mesures"), for example "quite a few" = "pas mal de";
  • 5. Time expressions ("Expressions pour exprimer le temps"), for example "in a little while" = "tout à l'heure".

What are you waiting for?

Start to study French online now! You will be able to pass your GCSE French exam and to memorize vocabulary, words and expressions in an easy, efficient and funny way. You won't even notice you are revising and studying for your French exam!

Before starting this course and to better prepare yourself for you French exam, we would recommend you to take a glance at DELF B1 and at False friends in French. Bon courage!