English idioms in French with translations and definitions

English idioms in French with translations and definitions
Everything you need to know to express yourself with French idioms and sound like a real Frenchie!

If you want to know more about French culture, there’s nothing better than learning new expressions!
You’ll be able to speak like a native and understand the jokes and nuances between the two languages in a blink of an eye!
Thanks to this course only, you’ll develop your knowledge, sense of humour and your French language skills!
Don’t worry, you just need to show patience and your efforts will bear fruit ;)
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Health idioms - Idiomes sur la santéHealth idioms - Idiomes sur la santé  
22 flashcards
Time idioms - Idiomes sur le tempsTime idioms - Idiomes sur le temps  
45 flashcards
Weather idioms - Idiomes sur le temps et la météoWeather idioms - Idiomes sur le temps et la météo  
44 flashcards
Music idioms - Idiomes sur la musiqueMusic idioms - Idiomes sur la musique  
22 flashcards
Number idioms - Idiomes sur les nombresNumber idioms - Idiomes sur les nombres  
19 flashcards
Food idioms - Idiomes sur la nourritureFood idioms - Idiomes sur la nourriture  
60 flashcards
Clothes idioms - Idiomes sur les vêtementsClothes idioms - Idiomes sur les vêtements  
14 flashcards
Appearance idioms - Idiomes sur l'apparenceAppearance idioms - Idiomes sur l'apparence  
8 flashcards
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English idioms in French

If you have a good level in this language, we are sure that you will desire to learn French idioms or French expressions. If you want to travel around France or if you want to watch tv-series or movies, but also if you want to read a French book in its original language or if you want to listen to French songs, we are sure that you will meet both French idioms and French expressions. Those French idioms and expressions are very important once you know how to master a language because they show that you can really master that language just like a native! That's why you should learn French idioms. This course will show you French idioms and their English correspondents so that you will be able to know English idioms in French and their correspondents.

What will you learn thanks to this course?

Thanks to this course, you will learn French idioms and French expressions about:

  • 1. Health idioms ("Idiomes sur la santé"), for example, "avoir un pied dans la tombe" = "to have one foot in the grave";
  • 2. Time idioms ("Idiomes sur le temps"), for example "il était temps" = "about time";
  • 3. Weather idioms ("Idiomes sur le temps et la météo"), for example "c'est du tonnerre" = "blood and thunder";
  • 4. Music idioms ("Idiomes sur la musique"), for example "être le chef de son propre orchestre" = "to march to the beat of your own drum";
  • 5. Number idioms ("Idiomes sur les nombres"), for example: "en un seul morceau" = "all in one piece".

What are you waiting for?

Start now this course about French idioms and French expressions. You will find a really useful French idioms list, and you'll learn some funny French idioms! Thanks to our flashcards, it will be super easy to memorize French idioms! You won't even notice it! It will be easy, fast and efficient. Start this course now and be ready to learn new French idioms with VocApp! Take a look at the False friends in French to learn to differentiate different French words and use them correctly!