Verbs 31 - 60

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to name
What's your name?
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Comment tu t'appelles?
to get
He got the best results of the entry exam.
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Il a obtenu le meilleur résultat à l'examen d'entrée.
to live
Napoléon Bonaparte lived 51 years.
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Napoléon Bonaparte a vécu jusqu'à 51 ans.
to find
after losing something
He found his watch in the classroom.
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Il a retrouvé sa montre en classe.
to give back
I will give you back your money in two weeks
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Je vais te rendre l'argent dans deux semaines.
to wear
You wear the same pants everyday, you could buy yourself some new clothes.
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Tu portes le même pantalon tous les jours, tu pourrais t'acheter de nouveaux vêtements.
to go out
I must go out for a moment, call me on my phone if you need me.
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"au cas où" - very French way to say "just in case"
Je dois sortir pour un moment, appelez-moi sur mon portable, au cas où.
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