Nouns 250 - 300

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My last trip tired me a lot.
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un voyage
Mon dernier voyage m'a beaucoup fatigué.
What is the best method to learn the subjunctive?
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une méthode
Quelle est la meilleure méthode d'apprendre le subjonctif?
You have my word.
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une parole
Most often we use "un mot", "une parole" would be an equivalent of English "word of honour" or "speech" (as a faculty)
Je te donne ma parole.
This is the end of my days.
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un bout
C'est le bout de mes jours.
Turn of the light, it's getting dark.
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une lumière
Eteins la lumière, il commence à faire nuit.
The local community is very harmonious.
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une communauté
La communauté locale est très harmonieuse.
It was a hard decision, but a good one.
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une décision
C'était une décision difficile, mais bonne.
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