Verbs 121 - 150

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to remind
also: to call back
Can you remind me to wish a happy birthday to my aunt?
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Peux-tu me rappeler de souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire à ma tante?
to participate
Everybody must participate in tomorrow's meeting.
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Tout le monde doit participer dans la réunion de demain.
to constitute
The rights of man constitute the base of modern politic.
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Les droits de l'homme constituent la base de la politique moderne.
to bring
Your comment doesn't bring anything valuable to our chat.
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Ton commentaire n'a rien apporté dans notre conversation.
to take care of
Prepare the lunch, I'll take care of the dinner.
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se charger de
False friends! In French "diner" means "lunch" and "souper" means "dinner".
Prepare le diner et moi, je me chargerai du souper.
to throw
Sam threw a ball and broke the window of the neighbours.
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aussi: jeter
Sam a lancé la balle et a cassé la fenêtre des voisins.
to matter
Your past doesn't matter for me, what really matters is here and now.
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Ton passé n'importe pas pour moi, ce qui compte est ici et maintenant.
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